Strategies for airborne molecular contaminant analysis in the semiconductor industries

The semiconductor industry utilizes significant volumes of inorganic, volatile organic, and semi‐volatile organic compounds in component manufacture. These compounds are frequently critical to a very specific process. Moreover, when occurring outside of the manufacturing facility they might deteriorate semiconductor performance or induce adverse effects on occupational safety and environmental health.

In order to address the growing demand of semiconductor and affiliated industries to monitor trace levels of airborne molecular contaminants, our expert team is organizing a specialized afternoon seminar end of May. During this seminar, several analytical solutions will be presented. As ever, we focus on operational feasibility and robust performance in an industrial setting. Our goal is to provide a level of insight that allows you to decide which approach has the highest return‐on‐investment for the particular challenges you are facing today, tomorrow and beyond.

We have compiled the following program for you:

13h30: Registration & coffee
14h00: Welcome and introduction to our IS‐X labs
14h15: Approaches for sampling airborne volatiles
14h35: Thermal desorption GC/MS: Reference technique for measuring VOC in the Semicon Industry
15h15: Selected ion flow tube (SIFT‐) MS: More than a 21st century alternative for on‐site analysis
15h45: Important quality aspects to consider when performing VOC analyses
16h00: Live lab

LOCATIEInterscience Breda
PRIJS€ 450,-

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Strategies for airborne molecular contaminant analysis in the semiconductor industries

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